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Machine Readable Passport & Visa Application From 1st April


The home ministry on Tuesday received the approved file with the conditions for framing of complete passport rules and reduction in passport fees for the people who would want to go to central and East Asian countries.  On the approval note the finance minister noted, “Home ministry will need to come up with a proposal to issue passports for a lower rate ($30 and $100) to the people who would want to go to central and East Asian countries for overseas jobs.” The finance ministry has also asked the authorities concerned to look into whether the validity period of the passports could be extended to 10 years instead of the proposed five years, as most of the developed countries had provided machine readable passports with a validity of 10 years.

Home secretary Abdus Sobhan Sikder on Wednesday informed the press that in the first phase, application for Machine Readable Passport will only be received in Dhaka. And in the 2nd phase which will begin from 18th April, the facility will be extended to 10 other regional passport offices. Gradually the facility will be made available in 24 regional passport offices. The Home secretary also informed press that still they are hoping to issue the 1st batch of the machine readable passport by the first week of May.

For applicants living inside the country, the fee for emergency delivery of machine readable passports has been set at Tk 6,000 and for normal delivery Tk 3,000. For applicants living abroad the emergency delivery fee will be $200 and normal delivery fee $100. Bangladeshis studying abroad will be able to collect machine readable passports from designated foreign missions by paying $100 for emergency delivery and $30 for normal delivery. Expatriate Bangladeshi workers in Jordan, Malaysia and Mauritius will be able to collect machine readable passports by paying the same amount.

The finance minister in his note has also asked the authorities to provide machine readable passports at the same rate for Bangladeshi workers in East European countries such as Romania, Poland, Greece, Italy and Cyprus, and central and East Asian countries such as Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, South Korea, Brunei, Japan and Indonesia.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all countries must introduce machine-readable passports (MRP) and machine-readable visas (MRV) by April 1. To comply with ICAO requirement, the passport department hired a Malaysian company IRIS for this project which are blacklisted in Turkey for its inefficiency in a similar job. The projected cost for this project was around Tk. 483 crore and it might exceed the estimates.

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Source: Bdbangla-Reports
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