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Model Raha Suicide: Dead Body to be Exhumed

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The dead body of the ramp model and actress Sumaya Azgar Raha might be exhumed for investigation after she was buried a day earlier at Azimpur graveyard, police source said.
Raha, also a Lux super star 2007, was found dead in her own residence at Japan Garden City, Dhaka on Friday and then was buried at Azimpur graveyard on Saturday without informing media or police.
Even Raha and her father’s names were not disclosed at the graveyard registry.
Regarding the issue Officer-in-Charge (OC) in Mohammadpur Police Station informed the media, "Raha's father filed a UD case against the death of her daughter. The statement will be sent to the court on Monday. It may require to exhume the dead body for examination."
Unearthing the body will reveal the actual story behind it, he added.
The general diary filed by Raha's father, Sheikh Mohammad Ali Azgar, stated that on Friday night she returned home with two of her friends- Oeshwik and Lamia. Next day, her mother went to wake her up and found no response. Raha was found hanged on the ceiling after the door was broken. She committed suicide. She was taken to Azimpur graveyard at aound 1:00 pm.
Raha, who completed her graduation from Lalmatia Mohila College, was the third runner-up in 2007 Lux Channel-I Super Star competition. Along with a very remarkable career as a ramp model she acted in many well known dramas. She acted in the serial 'Jal Taranga' directed by the late Humayun Ahmed. She also played a vital role in Ananta Jalil's movie 'Khoj-The search'.
Meanwhile, there were media rumor that Raha's death is related with her extramarital relationship with Bangla movie actor and business person Ananta Jalil, who also played the lead actor’s role in ‘Khoj the Search’.
Media reports also suggested that During the shooting of ‘Khoj the Search’, an affair developed between Ananta and Raha.
However on 2010 Ananta tied the knot with Barsha, the lead actress of ‘Khoj the Search’.
Following the marriage, Raha and Ananta stopped interacting with each other.
That relationship was rekindled almost one and a half year ago. This led to a souring of relationship between Ananta and Barsha.
When the news of relationship between Raha and Alanta came on light, Barsha threated Raha. For this extramarital affair the relationship betwwen Barsha and Ananta before bittle.
At one stage Ananta beat up Barsha and Nusrat Barsha had filed a police complaint against her husband actor, director and producer M A Jalil Ananta, accusing him of physically assaulting her with Mohammadpur Police Station.
Raha worked in dramas such as Swapnobaaj, Putul Khela, Patigonit, Uchchatara Sharirik Bigyan, Lucky 13, Din Bodoler Pala, Coming Soon, Jimmee, Jot chini toto mishti.

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