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Protest Against Quader Mollah Verdict Continued In Shahbag Square

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Shahbagh Square - Prajanma ChattarVowing to continue their sit-in demonstration demanding death sentence for Jamaat Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Molla, the organizers have declared to stage a grand rally at the city’s Shahbagh intersection Friday.
The announcement came from a rally which entered its the second day Wednesday after some youths under the banner of 'Bloggers and Online Activist Network' had called for the unity, and the nation responded well to give birth to the people’s court at the heart of the capital – Shahbag intersection (some called it Shahbag Square), now renamed as ‘Prajanma Chattar’.
An announcement from the main stage of the programme said the agitators would stay overnight at the intersection like the previous night.

Video News: Protest Against Quader Mollah Verdict

Thousands of people burst into the streets to protest the verdict of Molla because they felt the punishment was too light. Hours after the verdict was read out at the tribunal, people from all walks of life assembled at the spot.
Shahbagh Square - Prajanma ChattarMahmudur Haque Munshi, a member of the Blogger and Online Activists Network and one of the organisers of the protests, urged everyone to join the grand rally.
“A rally will begin 8am Thursday at Shahbagh and the grand rally will be held on Friday.” He said.
Joining hands together, chanting slogans, singing for courage, people of all ages, high and low, came to the point to make the point clear -- war criminals must be given the death sentence.
They denounced the verdict of the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-2 against the party leader Quader Mollah sentencing him to life term imprisonment for his crimes against humanity during the Liberation War in 1971. The demonstrators called it a mockery of justice.
The anger made the way for creative expressions – shock-headed students of the Arts Faculty of Dhaka University painting on the street to give language to grievances, someone hanging effigies of Razaakars with the lampposts, shaking heads in drum beats, binding black bands to the eyes of the heroic figures at the ‘Raju Bhaskarja’.
Leaders from several political parties and a group of Dhaka University teachers have also joined the demonstrations.
The freedom fighters have also expressed solidarity with the protests.
Although the spirited protesters had besieged only Shahbagh intersection in the morning, their sit-in programme spread up to the Fine Arts faculty of Dhaka University in the south, Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in the north, Aziz Super Market in the west and Childrens Park in the east by the evening.

Video News: Protest Against Quader Mollah Verdict

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