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Dhaka- Narayanganj DEMU Speedy Commuter Train Service From Today

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The Diesel Electrical Multiple Unit locomotives (trains) speedy commuter service on the Dhaka-Narayanganj route will be launched today.
"The newly imported high-speed Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DEMU) commuter train having 80 kilometre speed on the basis of tracks load capacity, will start its first ever service on Dhaka- Narayanganj route as a commuter service," an official of Bangladesh Railway (BR) familiar with the process told reporters today.
Though the Bangladesh railway was scheduled to launch two sets of these metre-gauge trains separately, it is going to launch a ‘rake’ or combined two-set DEMU trains.
Rake is a physical railway train made up of coaches, or a coupled group of coaches.
The prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, is scheduled to inaugurate the DEMU service at Kamalapur rail station at 11:00am, officials have said.
With its two engines at both end, and one compartment in the middle, the Chinese DEMU train is good for short-haul travels as these two engines, capable of moving either way, would save time (about 20 minutes) and would be able to maintain schedules.
Earlier 14-pair trains were running on the Dhaka-Narayanganj route but, from today, there will be 15-pair trains.
Each DEMU train, which costs Tk 20 crore, would provide comfortable space for 300 passengers — 149 seating and 151 standing passengers.
Earlier, two six-bogie local trains were on the same route — each providing space for about 1,000 seating and standing passengers.
One of these trains would be withdrawn today and put in service on another route.
Considering the demand of passengers, the railway minister decided to put in service on the route two-set DEMU trains which would have four engines and two bogies known as ‘rake’.
This arrangement, however, will render two engines in the middle ineffective.
Any distance below 33 kilometres will be considered the lowest distance and the Dhaka-Narayanganj route measures 16.1 kilometres.
The fare for the lowest distance was Tk 10 for the local trains. As the DEMUs are commuter trains, their lowest distance fare is Tk 15.

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