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Savar Tragedy On World Media

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The world`s top media, including electronics and print ones, on Wednesday expressed their profound grief over the high fatalities in Savar multi-storey building collapse and express their deep concern over the repeated accident in the readymade garments sector in the country.
The world`s leading media which condoled the deaths in Savar garments factory collapse today include CNN of America, New York Times, CBS News, Reuters, ABC News, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Fox News, Businessweek, USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail newspaper of Britain, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), The Guardian, Qatar-based Aljazeera and many more.
In separate identical messages sent in the afternoon, they said ``We on behalf of our media are shocked and saddened to hear the news of so many loss of lives and injuries in the tragedy which took place in saver in the outskirts of capital Dhaka today``.
They conveyed their sympathy to the bereaved members of the families and the friends and colleagues of the victims and also prayed for peace of the departed souls.
The international media were also carrying the news and pictures of Savar tragedy today with wide coverage.

In their report CNN published the death toll as 123. They have also updated the news periodically as the new toll published. In their report it said, Broken concrete and twisted metal stuck out from the massive pile of rubble, where rescuers dug by hand to reach trapped workers.
Beside that in their another report it express their concerns over safety conditions in garment factories in Bangladesh. In this report they also published some of the US retailers names that were related with these tragic factory. According to this report, citing Charles Kernaghan, director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, which has two officers on the ground, it said, the popular kids chain The Children's Place sources from a factory located in the building. And the website for Ether Tex listed Wal-Mart as one of its buyers, though it is not clear if the retailer was currently sourcing from the factory.
In addition, the Workers' Rights Consortium, an organization that monitors labor, said that factories in the building also made clothes for Dress Barn and Joe Fresh.

In the Reuters report titled “Bangladesh factory building collapse kills nearly 100” it said, an eight-story building that housed garment factories and shops collapsed in Bangladesh on Wednesday, killing nearly 100 people and injuring more than a thousand.
In this report they mentioned the Tazreen Fashion factory fire incident which killed at least 112 and express their concern over the safety at work place. This report also included names of 27 international buyers from these 5 factory that were in Rana Plaza.

Fox News
In their report Fox News said, “Rescuers tried to free dozens of people believed trapped Wednesday night in a collapsed eight-story building that housed garment factories, killing at least 87. Workers had complained about cracks in the structure before it came tumbling down, but were assured it was safe.”
It added, “The disaster came less than five months after a factory fire killed 112 people and underscored the unsafe conditions in Bangladesh's massive garment industry.

In Businessweek report titled “Bangladesh’s Deadly Building Collapse Renews Safety Woes” it mostly criticized the work environment in Bangladesh RMG sector. It added “more than 700 garment workers have died since 2005 in Bangladesh.” The report also published some of the international retailer names.

Rest of the international media that covered the story mostly mimicking the same as above.

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