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Shahbagh Activist Blogger Rajib - Thaba Baba Murdered

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Blogger Rajib KilledLatest: At least 3 arrested in relation with blogger Rajib murder, however the identity was not known immediately.

Dead body of Bangladeshi Blogger Thaba Baba ( ahmed rajib) was discovered in front of his house few hours ago.

"Ahmed Rajib Haider" the blogger and online activist, who was active in the Shahbagh movement, was killed in the capital’s Pallabi area Friday night.

A Police recovered the body of 30-year-old Ahmed Rajib Haider, full with indiscriminate stab injuries, from near his Kalshi residence in Mirpur.

Rajib's (Thaba Baba) - Blogs

Video News: Shahbag Blogger Activist Thaba Baba Murder

Aggrieved by the news of the killing of fellow activist, organisers of the Shahbagh movement vowed to continue their movement for 24 hours.

However, a good number of bloggers claiming this murder is not a  outcome of Shahbagh Square movement rather a outcome of his previous personal online  activities like objectional comments and ill motivated funs against Islam .One of his  personal blog hosted in wordpress is revealed which shows all sorts of hate speech against islam and general muslims.


Police said a group of 4-5 miscreants repeatedly stabbed Shovon in front of their house at 56/3 Polashnagar at about 9pm as he returned from Shahbagh Square.
Thaba Baba's Last Post On FacebookEarlier on Friday, the Shahbagh protestors decided to carry out their demonstration for seven hours everybody from 3:00pm.
The youths also observed one minute silence at 11:30pm protesting the killing.
“Rajib was active in Shahbagh movement,” Newaz Murtoza Haider, the elder brother of the victim.
He was an architect, Newaz added.
Pallabi police also confirmed that Rajib was an active participant of Shahbag movement.
Rajib used to write a Bangla blog nicknamed ‘Thaba Baba’.
He had also written many blog on the country’s Liberation War and Jamaat-e-Islami’s wicked activities.
About eight hours before his assassination, Rajib posted a status on Facebook calling upon mass people to boycott Jamaat’s media houses, coaching centers, cultural organisations and commercial institutions.

Meanwhile, blogger activist declared that the body of Blogger Rajib will brought to Shahbag Chattar in the afternoon and his namaj-e-janaja will be held after Magrib Prayer.

Video News: Shahbag Blogger Activist Thaba Baba Murder


Rajib's Blog Snapshot

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