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Hefajat-e-Islam Chairman Allama Shafi Urges Muslims to Join Apr 6 Long March

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The Hefajat-e-Islam Bangladesh chairman, Allma Shah Ahmed Shafi, on Wednesday urged all the Muslim devotees to join the rally the organization planned to hold in Dhaka on April 6 carrying praying mats, rosaries and light meals such as puffed and flattened rice.
He issued a statement calling on the Muslims to begin the long march from different places after the juma prayers on Friday (April 5). The long march is scheduled for the next day (April 6).
The Hefajat-e-Islam chief also asked all to bring out processions in all district and upazila headquarters today to drum up support in favor of the much talked about long march.
He also asked all Muslim women to fast on Friday seeking divine blessings so that the march could be successful.
Allma Shafi asked the government not to obstruct the march, saying that it would be peaceful and no political demand would be raised.
Meanwhile, the Dhaka city unit Hefajat-e-Islam convener, Noor Hossain Kasemi, said that the rally would be held in the Shapla Square.
Hefajat-e-Islam held processions and rallies in a show of strength in Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal and other parts of the country on Wednesday in favor of the Dhaka siege for April 6.
Hefajat-e-Islam leaders warned the government against any move to obstruct the long march saying that the government would be overthrown immediately if it obstructed the march.
It threatened shutting the capital Dhaka from the rest of the country and calling general strike for an indefinite period beginning April 7 if the march was obstructed.
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami on Wednesday extended its support for the march while a platform of pro-government ulema called Sachetan Hakkani Alem Samaj asked Hefajat-e-Islam to call off their long march.
Meanwhile, several other political parties including Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh, Jatio Party (Ersahd), Jamaat-e-Islami, Islami Oikko Jote extended their support for the programme.
In support of the April 6 Long March Dhaka city unit Hefajat-e-Islam organised a rally and brought out a procession at Paltan to drum up support for the march towards Dhaka.
After a brief rally, which the Dhaka city unit Hefajat-e-Islam convener, Noor Hussain Kasemi, presided over, the procession joined in by several thousand Islamists paraded city roads from the north gate of Baitul Mukarram to the Shapla Square.
In Chittagong the organisation’s Chittagong unit also held a procession in the port city.
It brought out a motorcycle procession from Jamiatul Falah Mosque that paraded major roads.
In Barisal Hefajat-e-Islam had held a rally at Jameya Arabia Khawza Mainuddin Madrassah and in surrounding areas.
Hefajat-e-Islam leaders at the rally announced that more than one lakh people from Barisal would join the long march.
Allama Shah Ahmed Shafi on March 10 announced the programme as part of their ongoing movement against anti-Islamic activities.
Their 13-point demands include the reinstatement of the phrase ‘absolute trust and faith in Almighty Allah’ in the preamble to the constitution, the enactment of a blasphemy law provisioning for death penalty as the highest punishment for people maligning Allah, Islam, the Qur’an and the Muslims, an end to anti-Islamic campaigns through blogging, exemplary punishment of the people who mocked at Allah and the Prophet (SM), an end to police firing in and killing Muslims on demonstrations, the release of all ulema and withdrawal of all cases filed against ulema and the Muslims, the cancellation of ‘anti-Islamic’ education and women development policies, declaring the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslims, an end to alien and anti-Islamic culture such as candlelight vigil and the dismantling of all sculptures from universities and roads.

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