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bangladesh hartal news

Chhatra Dal brought out a procession from the city’s Malibagh area and exploded 4-5 hand bombs in the morning at around 09:30am Wednesday on the second day of the 36-hour shutdown imposed by 18-party alliance.
Police fired two rounds of empty bullets to disperse the strikers.
Later, police detained two people from there.


At least 3 pro-hartal activists received bullet injuries as the pro-hartal activists clash with law enforcers in Golachipa area of Narayanganj. Beside that 15 others also injured in that incident.


AT least 5 Jatiotabadi Chattra Dal activists injured in a clash between pro-hartal activists and police. Police arrested at least 3 JCD activists from the spot.


At least 10 Injured as the pro-hartal activists locked into clash with police and ruling party activists in Rupganj area of Narayanganj.
Beside that at least 10 cocktail blasted in Jolkuri area of Narayanganj.
Police arrested at least 3 Jatiotabadi Mohila Dol leader from the spot.

Beside that Jubo dal activists blocked the Dhaka-Narayanganj highway.


Dhaka University Jatiotabadi Chatta Dal unit bring out a procession to support the countruwide 2 days hartal in the university campus.
JCD activists started their procession infront of the Social-Science depertment.

Meanwhile police arrested Dhaka College JCD general secretary.


The pro-hartal activists vandalized at least 5 trucks and 4 CNGs in Haripur of Ghatail of Tangail district in the early hour of 48-hours courtrywide hartal.


AT least 5 pro-hartal activists received bullet injuries as police open fire to a BNP procession in Sahebbazar area of Rajshahi.
Meanwhile pocile arrested the local UP chairman and Jamaat leader Abul Kalam Azad in earlyhour of Sunday.


Police arrested 4 opposition BNP MPs when they tried to get into BNP's central office. The arrestees are  - Asifa Ashrafi Papiya, Herana Akter Ranu, Rasheda Begum Herra & Shammi Akter. Shammi Akter and another female police injured as they fall from police car.


In Tangail the pro-hartal activists torched at least 2 trucks and vandalized 1 CNG. Police picked up at least 1 Jatiotabadi Chatta Dal activists from the spot.


City general secretary of Narayangong BNP arrested along with 15 other party activists. The agitating pro-hartal activist also vandalized several vehicles.

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